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On a Saturday

I have read Christine Middlecamp’s blog for quite sometime, I find inspiration in her use of colours, patterns and layers.

This summer she is sharing a tutorial called Mapping Happiness.

Essentially its a large framed board that you attach individual cards to, each card will document something that made you genuinely happy.Go read Christine’s blog for the full details

I am really attracted to the idea but I am not sure that I can commit the time to it, between Magazine commissions, project life, two jobs, our home and my family and a little something else (that I can’t share yet)

I do have a spare piece of wall begging for something to hang there, but I would have to figure out how I would make the concept fit my style/decor, cos I am not a fussy vintage kind of gal, so there is the Challenge.

4 thoughts on “Sharing . . .

  1. I have lurked on your blog for ages – it is fab BUT I am posting to say thank you. I read Christine’s blog ages ago but when the computer went phutz I lost all my favs and all my URLs and forgot many of the blogs, following your link I found her again – I am so very grateful

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