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Errant blogger

Well what can I say stuff happens and I just haven’t been able to get to my blog to update.

you know how it is, work, kids, commitments, deadlines, life

I have been very busy, working from home, doing commissions for Papercraft Inspirations, fulfilling my DT commitments to ScrapaGoGo which has included getting the hybrids (printable designs) done for the next few months and the new stamp designs for the next three months plus using the latest kit – JULY Picnic Basket, to create a couple of layouts.

As a family we have gone camping twice in the last few weeks just two nighters each time, the first weekend the weather couldn’t have been better, unfortunately this last weekend the weather was not so nice.

as you can see it was definitely NOT glamping, I thought we all might come home with trench foot !

Anyone that knows me will know that this was my idea of hell on earth – I suffer camping for the benefit of my boys – all three of them, and on a sunny weekend when we can BBQ in the evenings and I can spend the day sitting in the sun, reading or sewing and the boys are off doing stuff with all the other kids I can do camping, I still don’t enjoy it but I can do it.

BUT in the constant rain that seems to be the “British Summer” this year I wasn’t very good at containing my hatred for all things outdoorsy !!

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