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Change . . .

just spent a week with family, away from home, routine, work, washing, meal planning etc . . .
had a wonderful time sightseeing, going to the beach BBQ-ing sitting around with a G&T in my hand enjoying the company and watching the Olympics.

One day my sister and I went out for coffee and cakes with our Mom, we were browsing through some boutique shops and art galleries when Mom spotted some jewellery she liked the look of, she was particularly taken with a silver and gold ring, after trying it on and getting it fitted to her pinkie finger, we all agreed it was a beautiful piece and she should definitely treat herself so she bought it.

BUT – whilst the jewellery case was open she asked the lady serving us to fit both me and my sister for the exact same ring, we were both a little stunned and excited and then really touched and happy as Mom bought them both for us too.

We are all wearing them on our right hand pinkie finger – truly a special gift xx

Back to normality now

3 thoughts on “Change . . .

  1. that’s really sweet! the rings are beautiful and so is the story of the love you and your family share!

  2. What a special treasure.
    When our mom died, my older sister found a ring online to remember her by & all 3 of us girls where them on our left thumb.

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