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passing me by . . .

. . . that’s how it feels at the moment

the minute we went past the half way point of the school holidays time seems to have rushed by at mach 2 with its hair on fire.

nothing earth shattering going on around here just normal life, amongst the work, dog walking, food shopping, washing, ironing, etc. I am fulfilling my design team obligations for ScrapaGoGo, making cards for Papercraft Inspirations, and trying to keep up with project life.

I have opted not to share my project life album recently as I have not been particularly creative with my entries, I have documented the happenings and added photos and that as they say is “all she wrote” I just wanted to get caught up

I have been trying to keep going forward with my blanket that I started too long ago, it is definitely an on-on-on-ongoing project but I do like the way it is coming together even if I have only done about an 1/8 of it.

Attempting to get better acquainted with my camera too, just a trial and error situation, practicing and hoping for better results.

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