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seriously . . .

I’m surprised this blog hasn’t got up and walked away, if it could talk it would be whining at me “you ignore me, I feel neglected, we don’t spend anytime together anymore”

SO I am getting to grips with my new schedule/workload/routine with school starting up again next week it feels like new year, I suppose it is for those of us that operate on a school year( my kids and both my jobs utilise the school calendar )

Making plans and sorting out my time management issues, oh boy that’s a whole separate post !!

I have spent quite a bit of time getting my photos into my PL album lately and giving some thought to doing this all over again next year.

Its a no brainer

Ordered two more albums ready for 2013

I have documented so much and used so many of our photos completing PL this year (so far) definitely more productive for me than scrapping individual layouts.

I am going to aim to get a lot of stuff ready for next year in advance – I was late to the party this year and I want to be organised and ready to go in 2013, – I don’t buy any of the PL kits or albums – US shipping is too expensive.

I am using WRMK 12×12 Linen D Ring albums (two a year) and a selection of WRMK divided page protectors with a few random AC 6×12 and 8.5×11 thrown in for inserts.

The week in review cards and monthly title cards I am going to design and print off before hand too, I know I will be sharing it all here anyway.

So much inspiration out there for this project now – I am collecting a lot of stuff and saving it in my pinterest board so I am prepped

i hope alot of you will be coming along for the ride too.

3 thoughts on “seriously . . .

  1. I’ve never bought the PL system either because of the cost & I live in the U.S.
    I’m doing my own version of it too with supplies I’ve gathered from local office supply stores, making sure everything is acid/lignon free. I’m debating on waiting until January, or getting started this weekend as September is my birthday month & I’ve thought of recording it from that perspective.
    Look forward to your creations, as always!

  2. hi, i didnt do PL , but have watched your posts on here, and might try it next year, although my life isnt as hectic as yours, im wondering if i will have enough to fill pages!!

  3. Echo Park has their version of PL and I think I’m going to try that for next year…or maybe this year as I have only scrapped 2 pages of 2012. I love all the freebies that you offer here and can’t wait to see what you have in store for next year. 🙂

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