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everybodys doing it

Lots of companies are producing their own “scrap it easy” systems with divided page protectors. I am really enjoying my first year of doing project life and think its great that there are alternatives to the original system.

Echo Park’s Photo Freedom

Studi Calico”s Handbook System

They both come in various themed kits with divided protectors and various add ons, inserts, journal cards and papers

The smaller size of the Studio Calico version lends itself really well to the December Daily/Christmas Journal projects too.

2 thoughts on “everybodys doing it

  1. oh i like the studio calico handbook. it would make a great christmas journal.
    i wonder if you can get it from a supplier in this country?

  2. I’ve been following lots of crafters for the last year and a half, and lots of them do the “project life” books. It’s something that I am attracted to, but sometimes I just don’t have the time to think of patterns, cut to the right size pockets, etc. This would be ideal for me!

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