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its been TEN days since I last posted – what the heck !!

Getting ready for school, working, camping, going back to school, working, scrapbook commissions, card commissions, designing stamps

PHEW – tired just writing it down.

I have stayed up to date with PL although I haven’t gone back to the SIX weeks I missed weeks 24-29 BUT I will, eventually.
This week (no: 37) presents its self with an entirely different problem – I didn’t take any photos – I know, second time this year that this has happened, no excuses. However it can be salvaged I can grab the camera and take a load today and tomorrow so all is not lost yet.

In order to stay up to date with this project I really have only been using my week in review cards and the labelled photos, not much scrappy craftyness has been gracing the pages of my PL albums (yes I went over into the second one) But as I was finishing off last weeks pages and patting myself on the back for getting it done I went ahead and made one of my photos into a pocket layout.
Its a 12×6 pocket so there was plenty of scope.

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