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Rip Van Winkle syndrome . . . .

Sometimes I just get caught up with other stuff that this place gets neglected –

So what’s been happening ? nothing new all the usual stuff

Here are my September Layouts for ScrapaGoGo another great kit and stamp (even if I do say so myself)



Looking forward to Octobers Autumn Kit – WATCH THIS SPACE

I am staying up to date with project life, I have even managed to start filling in those previous weeks before the summer that I missed. I have to admit that it is very satisfying getting those done.

Not loving these wet cooler days or the dark mornings and shorter days, I am a “Lark” not an “Owl” but find it very difficult to rise especially on the dreary days.

Shssss – (insert hushed tone here) Don’t tell anyone but I am secretly starting to think about that large festive holiday in December, DON’T MENTION ITS NAME ! I have already bought three gifts too and designed my cards.
I am looking forward to doing December Daily as well, not sure how I am going to do that along with PL but I am committing to it – I will own up and say I am going to use my failed attempt from last year. I only managed a couple of pages – the rest stayed pretty but blank.

stay tuned

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