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cough, cough . . .

. . . just blowing the dust off.

Yet again a prolonged absence, a good excuse this time, a few days after my last post we rather unexpectedly lost our internet connection, oh dear how careless of me to loose it, actually my broadband supplier inadvertently terminated our account. YUP, their error, no quibbling, however it could not be put back in working order for 10 working days . . . .

Eerrr HELLO it’s your fault but I am the one that is going to be inconvenienced, that’s right !!

Lets face facts it was inconvenient, very, at times, unless of course you were one of my kids and then the world as we know it had ended

WELL – we have it back now and life as we know it, email, Facebook, interest, xbox live, Skype, google etc has returned.

So expect some more recent posts from me, I am still keeping up with PL, designing for Scrapagogo and paper craft Inspirations and aiming to get some freebie goodies up here ready for December Daily.

2 thoughts on “cough, cough . . .

  1. Ah yes, when our internet was out (for similar reasons) we laughed when our preteen kids accepted no tv downstairs but shot back from upstairs to say, ‘You tube isn’t working either!!!’ 🙂

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