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Nearly there . . .

. . . . its the day before the day before Half Term starts !!

We are so all in need of this week off – I do have a plan for this week it involves lots of staying home doing nothing and wearing PJ’s all day !

Truth be known I am not sure I can get away with plan A) but we shall see I may try and get some Christmas Shopping done too, shhhh.

Making tentative plans for Halloween costumes for the boys but the long range weather forecast is showing rain all day and all night so plan B for that day is a Harry Potter Movie Marathon accompanied by a massive chocolate eating session.

Hoping to put some December Daily Freebies on my blog at the beginning of November, there will be a dedicated page in the Freebies Section ( this is already in place but empty)

Looking forward to seeing the Scrapagogo DT tomorrow even if it will be briefly.

Got a feeling I will be having lots of these today whilst working at my desk.

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