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Red cup love

My red cup love started about 5 years ago on a family trip to Center Parcs, where I discovered the dark cherry choc mocha. It was heaven and I had way to may that festive season and mourned its loss come January. I was however Mortified after a couple of years to find that due to its lack of popularity this flavour has been shelved – I abandoned red cups altogether one holiday season in a personal protest. Last year I tried another flavour – Praline I think but it didn’t match my previous love.

Yesterday I happened by a Starbucks on a very quick one shop shopping trip and decided to treat myself to my first red cup of 2012 I asked for the praline flavour but in the interests of experimentation I got persuaded by a charming barrista to try the mint chocolate “if you like after eights you will love this” was the sales pitch.

Oh my – MAJOR YUCK !!

The first few sips were quite appealing but after that it left a very chalky mint residual taste that was seriously unpleasant. Thanks but no Thanks.

I am going over to the dark side today – I am going to try Costa Coffee’s Black Forest Hot Chocolate see how it measures up to my much loved and sadly missed Dark Cherry Choc Mocha.

3 thoughts on “Red cup love

  1. I have to say my favourite ‘red cup’ is Gingerbread latte (I even have the syrup at home – but it’s not the same as a shop bought one).

    Toni xx

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