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Christmas Journal Dates

Ok for those of you participating in some kind of christmas journal project this December, I have started designing some freebies, as always I made the designs to suit myself, but I like to share so if you can use them great. I understand that my colour scheme may not suit everyone.

So here is the day/date designs for this year. I made it really simple and have only done from 1-25 because I like to have Christmas day as my last page. Feel Free to contact me if you would like 26-31 in this colour scheme or if you are interested in having this in just black and white.

I cut out the dates, the design has a very pale grey outline as a cutting guide, then I used my crop-a-dile to punch a half hole centrally in each end so that they look like old fashioned bus tickets.

Actual cut size each ticket is 3x4cm

You can find the printable under the freebies section in December Daily

Hope you like these, please feel free to comment.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Journal Dates

  1. Oh I have just the Christmas papers to go with these, funnily enough I came across them today looking for papers to do my JYC with Shimelle, Can I be really cheeky and ask for the coloured set to go as far as 6th Jan (as that is the 12th day of Christmas and when the season ends for me), I realise I am pushing my luck waaaaaay out there as you are already doing this out of your own kindness AND it is further than you offered, but I figure nothing ventured nothing gained 🙂

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