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Project Life . . .

. . . will I do it agin ?

Absolutely !

My scrapbooking had hit a lull over the last two/three years, I have been scrapping since 2004 but recently I just haven’t done anything much, its not that I didn’t want to and I was certainly inspired but that is as far as it went.

I knew about PL but I wasn’t at all interested in buying into what I considered “system” scrapbooking, scrapbooking for people who didn’t really scrapbook – that’s how I saw it, my perception.

WRONG – when I saw some of the “scrapping celebrities” 2012 albums and there preparations for doing this project this year I got curious (yes OK, I’m a sheep) it still took me another four weeks into 2012 to get it all together but I jumped onto the bandwagon.

Seriously, this approach to getting those memories documented has re-ignighted the urge to scrapbook for me, before I was all about”cherry picking” what memories/events to scrap and if I didn’t have “perfect photos of said memory or event then I wouldn’t scrap it (fickle – I know)

Random PL page Photo of week 20

I can’t believe that I have documented almost an entire year of our lives, even before I scrapbooked only the holidays and major events got space in a photo album. Now I have documented stuff that I know in 20 years time I will want to remember, alot of it everyday stuff and for a large portion of the year they are imperfect photos taken with some sort of i-device !!

SO the answer to the initial question is a resounding YES, I am more excited about documenting 2013 than I was about starting on 2012 (now that I have ironed out all the bumps in my process, more on that tomorrow)

2 thoughts on “Project Life . . .

  1. love that page Louise, and yes when you look back you will be able to remember all the little things that we seem to forget in the intervening years, and when your children ask you” mom how old was i when” !!! you will be grateful that you got it down in your album. wish i had known about scrapping when my children were growing up!

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