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PL – my process

OK so where to start . . .

This is not a “how to do project life” post just my own observations, what worked for me and what didn’t.

My 2012 PL didn’t start well (as I mentioned before) I was late to the party and then I lost my first four weeks photos !

So first lesson learnt – be prepared
second lesson – don’t leave so many photos on your memory cards !

I used the WRMK albums and divided page protectors, just because they were easier to get hold of in the UK and the financial constraints prevented me from getting stuff shipped from the US.

Hopefully the cost and availability of the official PL products will change with the announcement that they are teaming up with American Crafts for 2013 Read more on this HERE

So what else have I learnt – simplicity is the key for me – I will be designing and printing off my week number/date cards in advance and they will follow the same format each week as will my week in review cards

I will be attempting to get more of my handwriting onto my entries, so far 90% of my documentation has been typed.

The page protectors will be mixed – I love the different sized inserts available and the way, visually, that makes my album feel – not too uniformed. I used everything from 12×12 standard protectors 6×6 protectors and everything in between, I will continue to cut them up to fit my needs.

(this is an example of a cut down page protector)

I think that the challenge next year will be to document different stories – lets face it, our day to day lives mostly follow the same pattern, year in year out. So finding a different perspective is necessary so that the same stories aren’t being told.

One page per week has been my staple this year and I am happy with that – it means my entire year fits into just two albums and I don’t feel pressured when I haven’t taken many photos or have had very boring uneventful weeks.

One thing I didn’t do this year was stock up on small labels/tags for labelling my photos, that’s something I am going to rectify – I think a trip to staples is in order to pick up some Martha Stewart labels and tags.

4 thoughts on “PL – my process

  1. My PL project was a bit of a disaster this year. it was the first time and I guess like all first timers I just didn’t manage, I also began late which always made me remain behind. Mainly because of my lack of organisation, I guess. I went ‘solo’, as in I did my own ‘things’ (inserts) etc. The only things that I did invest in were the page protectors, which were pretty expensive from the States, but now I have them. I found a good article on Pinterest where the lady explains what she does. She also does ‘solo’ but, she organises herself really well, like you, she also gets her dates cards ready before hand and all of her other inserts. So I’m hoping to do better this coming year. I’m going to have to complete this year’s album, though, I can’t leave it just lying there!!!! So here’s crossing fingers that I’ll be able to do this, I’m really behind!!!
    Anyway, thanks for the advice. Have a good day.

  2. Thanks for sharing Laura – I think it is a good idea to get anything that “repeats” every week, ready before hand, I don’t tend to pick which type of page protector or inserts I am going to use until I see what photos I have taken, both quantity and orientation, as that has an impact on what type of PP I use, plus I quite like to have some flexibility.

    Louise x

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