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Today looks like this . . .

I raked my garden in preparation for the weekly “emptying of the bins” routine all our bio-waste goes in one bin and because of its nature I don’t like to leave it sitting there, full, outside my kitchen window.

So yesterday I cleared up the lovely red, yellow, orange and maroon carpet of maple leaves covering the bottom half of my small garden. It looked prettier covered in leavers but another week of rain and they would have started to turn to mulch and that doesn’t smell so good !!

I mowed the grass for the very last time this year too.

Preparing for winter

2 thoughts on “Today looks like this . . .

  1. Ah and I rake them under trees to give cover to predatory animals and get the birds to rake through. Or gather them up in bags to make leaf mould for potting.

    We’re getting ready for winter here too.

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