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Well Hello 2013

I don’t know about you guys but 2012 crept out and 2013 snuck in just as quietly around here. Don’t get me wrong we celebrated, but it was low key.

As a family we have spent the entire holidays germ ridden, ill or trying to get better, we haven’t really been anywhere or done anything the whole holiday (not counting the whistle stop trip to Mom and Dads)

Some would say that we had a quiet relaxing break, I feel that it was a tad lethargic and feel slightly disappointed by our lack of activity. No one really missed out on anything, we had lovely food and thoughtful gifts, the house was decorated and we spent time with family and friends, but i am left with a feeling of needing a”do over” I know that sounds selfish but I have this feeling that the time off was somehow wasted.

This is the last day of our Christmas break, after the weekend school is back on, routine kicks in, the day to day starts again, normally I am ready for the return to routine but I find myself digging my heels in and wishing for a few more days off.

I have decided to do Project Life again this year and I am looking forward to starting this again. My albums are still on order from the U.S but I am not going to let that stop me getting on with the project.

I am planning on sharing my pages on here hopefully once a week and if I get around to designing any cards/elements for the album I will share them too.

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