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Its that Friday Feeling

PHEW – first full working week completed – well almost !

Spending time this weekend putting together my PL for the last two weeks, as usual I have been procrastinating.

You know how this goes , right. Buy a kit or use your stash, to corner round or not, make your own date cards or use someone else’s freebies, all of them creatively debilitating.

Anyhoo – I have stopped thing, or over thinking.

I have my divided page protectors – I am using a mix of AC project life ones and my WRMK ones left over from last year

I don’t have albums, unfortunately the WRMK linen D ring albums I used last year and re ordered, in a different colour for this year have been discontinued – Major spanner in the works, Not made a decision what to do about that yet !

I’m not big on sticking to particular colours, the same range of papers, a format or even a formula for my albums. I like everyone else on the scrapping planet seem to like the design and colours of the Seafoam kit from Elise Blaha, but I am too tight to pay the international shipping, although I have considered using the AC digital version and printing them out myself.
But I also like aspects of some of the other kits too.

What I have decided is that I am going to run up some freebies of my own, which I will share, I am going to download September Blues Week circles (no point in reinventing the wheel) as they are in my favourite typeface, BEBAS, and in the Seafoam kit colours, which are a set of core colours that I already liked.

I am probably going to stick with my week in review cards, cos that worked for me and I will be using a typewriter font to do most if not all of my journalling.

So I guess in a nutshell that’s my approach and I hope to start sharing my pages on Sunday

Here is my first freebie, just some 3×4 filler cards in some of my fav colours.Feel free to download the PDF in the usual place

Please let me know via comments if there are any issues with this freebie – thanks

3x4 spotty cards

2 thoughts on “Its that Friday Feeling

  1. thank you so much! love these! btw, i know what you mean about trying to decide which cards to use, which color scheme to stick to…mine is just a hodge podge and i don’t even use the page inserts…i just have a big blank journal that i’m using to glue everything in…wish me luck!

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