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PL first two weeks

Ok I couldn’t get these up on the blog on Sunday – technical failure, couldn’t access the blog !

All sorted now, but I apologise in advance for the quality of the light in these photos – RUBBISH – winter grey light.

As you can see, they are uber simple, after all my procrastinating I just wanted to get started. I used the spotty backgrounds that I created for my freebie cards last week and added September Blues fabulous FREE week number circles to create my week cards. I haven’t added the dates on them yet, the format for that part remains undecided (insert large groan here !)

My Instagram photos were printed out either 2 inches square or 2.75 inches square depending on how many were going on each card.

The week in review cards are just a grid background in grey with a BEBAS title and the body of the lettering in American Typewriter light condensed.

One thing I am pleased with is that I got some handwritten bits in there, I just need to get neater with my writing and buy some better pens, mine are very old and a bit stale, just like my handwriting.

I eventually settled on an American Crafts D ring Album that I already had, its the Amy Tan Camera pattern one (so I will have to order another one before this pattern gets discontinued) I wasn’t convinced about using it as I don’t really like albums with “front windows” I know its persnickety and I don’t know why I just don’t like them.



So onward and upwards, working on week three

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