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and its done . .

PL week three, pretty simple – the key word for this years album. I used one design A protector and one design J protector this week. Predictably lots of snow photos included in this spread, I supplemented it with my usual weekly recap (my own card design) The week number card (my own background design with September Blues week number circle) and a couple of filler cards of my own.



6 thoughts on “and its done . .

  1. Looks great, Louise, I also want to keep it simple this year. I have a random question, if I may ask… I print out my cards etc. it just works out for me, but I’m really struggling to ‘fit’ them into the pockets, there’s always ‘gaps’ (aaarrgh!), what are the measurements that you use for your cards. The ‘regular’ 6’x4′ doesn’t really fit that well into the pockets, it’s small and leaves gaps – aaarrrgh!

    1. Laura – when I “do” my own cards I make them the equivalent to 6×4 in cms. If you are printing from PDF’s I know that sometimes PDF’s reduce the sizes slightly I have no idea why. Also I have found that some pocket page protectors don’t always measure 6×4 even though they say they do, some are a little tight American Crafts) and some are a little large (WRMK) just my experience

  2. Thanks Louise, yes, I’ve noticed that the page protectors do tend to vary, so I guess I’ll just have to measure them slightly larger than the said size and then just adjust, a bit of pain, but no pain no gain!!!! Thanks for the reply!

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