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blinking heck – week four already . .

YAY – week four completed

PL Week Four

I stuck with the design A page protector this week and used the other side of the design J page protector from last week (obviously)

I didn’t feel like there was much to report this week and I didn’t take many photos either so this format worked out quite well.

The four 3×4 cards across the middle of my page are ones I put together myself, the week number is from September Blue – going to be using these in the entire album. The other three I designed my self one to indicate the date of the week. I can see me using this format each week now.

The other two are done to illustrate specifics – a new fave tv program, I just downloaded the logo and added text. The other I created as a folded card, in order to hide some details that I want to include but not share.

My last card creation was the “He said” acrd just to document a funny conversation I had with my youngest.

so one more week bites the dust.

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