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Tuesday’s TIPS

I have been doing alot of internet browsing in what little spare time I have, I thought I would share a couple of things I found. I am sure lots of you will already have been directed to these through pinterest already but just in case you missed them . . .

Firstly this place – word mark it  a site where you type in an “example word” and it uses every font you have stored on your computer to show you what that word will look like. A fabulous way of making font decisions, especially if like me you are a font freek and have way to many.


Secondly – this place another great site, you type in a location or destination and it pulls up a map for you, but you can then save the image in serveral options, watercolour and  toner are my preferred options, great for using on craft projects and something a little unusual.



5 thoughts on “Tuesday’s TIPS

  1. Just browsing your blog (found you through Pinterest!) and had to tell you THANK YOU for the sharing the site!!! That is going to be SO helpful! It takes me forever to choose a font for anything I do. is super quick and simple– thanks!

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