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GIVEAWAY for no logical reason . . .

. . . apart from the fact that it is my birthday today.

I am going to leave this open until 8am GMT Tomorrow (Friday 12 April 2013) any comments after that will not be included.

What I am giving away – Its a Surprise, just like a birthday gift.

It will be Scrapbook Stash and it will contain a small kraft three ring binder ( 9 x 7.5 x 1.75 inches ) some of my printables printed onto white card stock, possibly a stamp too, and a few other things too.

Sound Good

OK in order to win leave your name birthdate and email address and I will draw a random winner tomorrow.

Anyone can enter

Here’s a photo of some chocolate cake as no birthday would be complete without it !!


Cake by

14 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY for no logical reason . . .

  1. 1 December –
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, happy birthday dear Louise, happy birthday to you…and many mooooooore!!!!! Woohoo, yeah!!! (that’s how we do it when we send birthday greetings to our family, via internet!!!)

  2. Happiest of birthdays to you!! And many more!! =D

    Thanks for the chocolate cake too–I love it when they’re calorie free!!

    And my birthday is March 13. 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday! My birthday is July 6….coming soon! And I try to always have chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. No birthday is complete without that!

  4. 2nd December 1963 (yes the BIG 50 this year)
    Keeping fingers crossed I win your birthday give away as it’ll be just what I need to get my NY album started.
    ooh and Many Happy’s to you X

  5. Happy Birthday! Hope it’s a great one! So thoughtful of you to be generous on your day. Mine is 7-25-67.

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