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Project Life

I thought I would just do an update here – I am still doing Project Life and managing to keep up with it on a week to week basis.
My process has definitely simplified as I have gone along and is more “stripped down” that last year when I did undertook the PL albums for the first time.

One of the downsides of this years version is that I am not using my “big camera” very much at all, I got a mini ipad for christmas and have become a bit of an instagram junkie, It doesn’t mean that I am documenting less or anything just that my album is full of lots of little square photos!

I am throwing in a rare “big camera” photo here and there, I printed one out 12 x 12 so that it filled a whole page protector because it was a) a great photo b) it was a special moment and c) because I have been itching to cut up a large photo and fill a whole page.

At the moment I am using this format of photo protectors the most


One of these a week plus an insert occasionally is enough to document a week in our lives, but I am looking forward to being able to get my hands on this orientation


A while a go I purchased a large pack of Becky Higgins official Project Life photo protectors, they were a variety pack of different size “insert pages” I am sorry to have to report that I was seriously underwhelmed by them, the sizes and the orientation was fab but the quality was seriously lacking (SORRY but that is just my opinion based on my experience) I have had more than one of them split down the edge the first time you use them.

I have been using American Crafts and WRMK photo protectors as well and in my humble opinion , based on my experience and usage WRMK are by far the best quality.

Filler Cards – I didn’t use these much last year, I have to say I really didn’t get the concept (I mean lets face it the title isn’t a giveaway is it !! ) This year they are working well – I am having fun designing my own and using some of those great freebies that are available out there and they are an absolute must when you have “low photo” weeks.

Here is one of my recent pages really simple . . . I think this is a great example of one of my low photo weeks, only five instagram photos but it still documents our week adequately


Camera and laugh filler cards are my designs, the circle week card is a collaboration, the circle is a great freebie from September Blue and the background I designed.

4 thoughts on “Project Life

  1. like it Louise, as you say it covers your week very well.
    like the filler cards, and the blue lettering on the bottom. Lovely…

  2. Cute page, love your self-creations! You are so right about the PL page protectors…they split often which is very discouraging.

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