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we interrupt this programme . . .

. . . I didn’t think that I would become an errant blogger but by default I seem to have slipped in to a very non regular posting pattern.

Both my jobs revolve around the UK school schedule so I am looking down the thin end of a quiet few months soon YAY, my “out of the home” job finishes for nearly two months at the end of July and my at home job schedule gets a whole lot easier after this weekend, only one more meeting in June and then its all housekeeping until October.

Going to be doing a lot of housekeeping around here too, got lots of decorating projects waiting to happen this summer. plus I am working on getting a whole project life style kit designed for 2014 – I have really enjoyed this way of documenting our lives this year and it has inspired me to keep doing this. I may have to think about storage for all my albums though – I could never go digital, enjoy playing with the paper too much.

There is every possibility that if I can get an entire PL style kit designed that I would offer it, or parts of it for sale providing that I could figure out the logistics of offering a large download, research required I think.

My intention is to design a kit for me to use next year and then adapt those designs if I offer it to the scrapping public, basically I will alter the colours so that the public kit is a neutral colour palette, that way it can be combined with anything else to create something unique, it also negates the need to offer the designs in a multitude of colour ways. See colour ideas below.

As always let me know what you think.

( all images below are from DESIGN SEEDS an absolutely amazing colour resource blog )




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