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well Hello again . . .

just popping in to say hello, just finished half term with the boys, a whole week off school. Unfortunately that means another seven weeks straight until the summer hols.

So how is everything with you guys ?

My creativity is a little lacking of late, since the demise of the ScrapaGoGo Design Team I haven’t been challenged to produce anything at all, I was designing the hybrids and the stamps for ScrapaGoGo plus putting together two layouts a month as part of the design team, now I’m not doing much at all.

My Project Life album is still ticking along and I am still loving the concept even though I was late to the party, originally I just didn’t “get it” now I do I don’t think I will document our lives in any other way.

I am doing little bits of designing here and there on my PL2014 stuff, its all a little disjointed at the moment, I have got lots of ideas and I have settled on a colour scheme, but it doesn’t look very cohesive at the moment.

I am essentially creating myself a core kit to work with next year, if I am successful then I fully intend to share it with everyone. Obviously as I am doing this for me and my personal tastes it won’t appeal to everyone but as it will be in a downloadable PDF for fat, just like my other freebie designs, then you can pick and choose which aspects you print off.

The theory is that I will do a set of two 6×4 cards, one title one filler; a set of four 3×4 fillers and a set of journalling cards one 6×4 two 3×4. if you do the standard PL pages (four 4×6 and four 4×3) this leaves you with five 4×6 slots for photos and two 4×3 slots for anything else, memorabilia, patterned paper etc.)

Along the way I may do bonus stuff just for the sheer hell of it – watch this space – sneak peek below

Any feedback appreciated xx


9 thoughts on “well Hello again . . .

  1. You’re so creative Louise, I think that you should have your own online store or something. I scan the internet for things that are downloadable to print at home, it’s financially more viable for me, and the quality that you provide in design by far exceeds many of the people out there! I would buy your stuff for sure! Go for it and just do it!!! (Be like Nike!!!)
    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!!!
    PS: love the papers that you show here!

    1. WOW – Head swell – Thanks you so much I really appreciate the support I have always avoided the “selling my designs” idea as I just wasn’t convinced it would be viable, but I definitely think it is worth considering.

  2. Yep, I agree with Laura up there…you should just DO IT. Open your own store! 🙂 While I don’t do PL, I use your downloads for other projects and they are cute and original, and perfect for my project needs.

  3. I too think you should go for it. Small steps and all that but I think you have the concept under your belt and your designs are bang on trend. Can’t wait to see what you create 🙂

  4. way to go Louise!! Love those papers, and you know I would buy anything
    you create! You are so talented….

  5. Loving the sunglasses! I think it’s cool you’re going to design your own PL stuff! Looking forward to seeing it!

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