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what a difference . .

. . . a few hours of sunshine can make !

most chores are so much easier (except cooking and ironing) when the sun is out, I feel so much more inclined to get on with things, must be all that extra vitamin D.

I just rearranged my living room furniture, trying to make the best of a long thin room with a door in the middle, the dilemma now is to buy new furniture or get the existing stuff recovered, i am off the “if its not broken . . .” school of thought so I am for recovering, even if it isn’t a cheaper option ! Obviously the allure of new furniture is very appealing it seems frivolous to get rid of well made, sound structured, comfy seating because its “tatty” and recovering means we can have it in a colour way of our choosing, not being dictated by “oh this one only comes in these three colours”

This is the current set up, we were originally only using the sofa and one chair, (the sofa was flat against the window with one chair where the sofa is now) the other chair was in the far corner behind where I took the photo from. As we are leaning towards the recovering option I decided that all pieces need to be used so this is my solution.


This is the colour we are going to go for when we recover – LUSH


OK enough home dec talk – these two photos are just to prove to you that I am still doing PL, I picked these pages at random so they are a few weeks ago, week twenty one, end of may to be precise. I used a design G and a design A protector for that week.



OK so that’s if for today see you in a couple of days.

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