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So, online classes . . .

. . . . I’m just curious and I wanted to poll the readership here.

I have an idea taking shape but I want to pitch it properly, so I would appreciate you taking the time to comment

I have taken a few and obviously have my own opinions about them both good and bad, but I don’t want to taint the poll so please feel free to add honest comments too, you don’t need to specify which designer or class.

If you could cut and paste the questions into email then mail it to me with your answers at I would really appreciate it.

Have you ever taken an online craft class ? YES/NO

If YES what did you enjoy most

If YES did you dislike any aspect of the class ?

If you have NEVER taken an online craft class, why not ?

What would encourage you to take an online craft class ?

Would you prefer a kit supplied with the class ? YES/NO

If NO is this cost related ?


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