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busy doing nothing . . .

. . .nothing to do all day

well not quite, but it sure feels good to be having a six week break from one of my jobs. No major plans, seeing family, chilling, watching movies, camping maybe a bit more decorating and a little sewing and scrapping.

Its nice not having too much routine – no packed lunches, no school uniform ironing and PE kit finding every sunday night !

I want to spend some time catching up with my PL album, it has been abandoned over the last month, something I don’t feel comfortable about, so I am going to be using a simple unfussy get these weeks documented and in that book approach !

I am still adding designs to my PL 2014 portfolio, its a little eclectic and I am hoping that the colour scheme will give  it a cohesive feel.

As far as selling my designs I have thought long and hard about it and taken on board all the comments I have received on the blog encouraging me but I have decide that due to logistical and fiscal reasons I am not comfortable with the whole process. Instead I will be doing a couple of giveaways where the prize will be the physical printed product in various forms . plus i will continue to produce some freebies too.

so hope that gives you something to look forward to.


long cold glass of iced peach tea – mmmmm




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