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So . . .


THREE WEEKS of the summer holidays over already, the halfway point !

I can’t believe it has flown by so quickly, we had the first week at home relaxing and part of the second week then we went away for part of the second and third weeks, the last few days of the third week at home recovering and getting caught up from being away and here we are  . . .

What else can I tell you, Oh yes I have finally saved up and jumped on the band wagon, I have ordered a silhouette Cameo, I am excited and nervous in equal parts. Having been a die cut machine enthusiast from the beginning , I owned one of the very first craft robos back in the day, then when I bought a MAc I changed to a Cricut as the CR wasn’t compatible now my cricut has had it so I am trading up to the Cameo.


I would be seriously interested in any advice any of you have regarding this machine and the best way to use it before I plug it in. Feel free to comment.



One thought on “So . . .

  1. Went from Cricut to Silhouette about a year ago, LOVE IT! LOVE IT! there is no compaison ~ check out youtube videos, Kerri Bradford Studio … very user friendly … Hope you enjoy it as much as I have …

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