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another poll, survey, general question, enquiry . . .

CIRCLE PUNCHES – do you use them and if so what is your most reached for size ?

for me it is the 1.5 inch. the 1 inch seems to small and the 2 inch seems to big. The reason I’m asking is I was designing some “punch out” sentiments. These could be useful on a whole range of papercrafting projects from cards and layouts to the ubiquitous life album projects.

However I wasn’t sure what the most appealing size to do these would be.

Feel free to comment.


4 thoughts on “another poll, survey, general question, enquiry . . .

  1. Inch is kind if cool, because then you can use those adhesive epoxy bubbles over top, and it looks awesome!

  2. Hmmm. I guess it totally depends on the project at hand. Normally, it’s the 1-inch that gets a lot of use. I top the circles with those clear acrylic disks. I use the 2-inch as a mask for suns, moons and the like. I use 4-inch and larger sizes for mixed media type projects. If I *had* to pick just one…the 1-inch would be the winner.

  3. 1.5 for me too when I am using it as a ‘die cut’ type thing, but I do use bigger ones as masks and smaller ones for layers

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