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WOW Wednesday already

Time sure is flying around here, I can’t believe that the first half term of school is almost over and after the break it will be november and we will be on the slippery slope to Christmas Sshhhhh

I have to admit to not having done anything remotely creative since I started back to school, who knew that committing to an extra two hours of work a day would have such an impact.

My project life has really suffered and I am not happy about it, actually I thinkI am in denial. I am still taking and printing photos and writing in my notebook.

I have convinced my self that I am going to have a major catch up session during half term. I hope I can get there because I am looking forward to incorporating my December Daily into this album too. I can’t see myself getting caught up on PL and doing a separate DD album in all honesty, but stranger things have happened.

I invested in a silhouette cameo recently, but just haven’t had a chance to play with it yet, I am finding it very intimidating, I know what it is capable of and I want to use it effectively so I think I may have to troll through some online tutorials.

and just because I dont like posts without photos heres one of me at work.


3 thoughts on “WOW Wednesday already

  1. I also decided to invest on a Silhouette Cameo a few months ago. Also was a little intimidated, but when I went through as many tutorials as possible, I plucked up the courage and began. Things started to slowly happen that encouraged me to do more. I now even cut my PL journaling cards out with it. It’s great, my life is now so fulfilled!!!! 😉

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