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Over for another year

Well what can I say – I loved it but its over now . . . .

We aren’t big on celebrating NYE, no big party for us, our celebrations usually involve PJ’s a take away and a film night finished off with a bottle of bubbly (lemonade for the kids) and watching the fireworks explode over London, from the comfort of our sofa. I know that this may sound boring to some possibly even lazy, but it suits us.

I have spent some time over the last few days thinking about doing a 2014 “documenting our life” album what approach to take this year etc

Its a given – I am doing this, I find it the best way of documenting our everyday lives now. This year we have a couple of milestones, My Husband will celebrate (Oh yes you will !) his 50th birthday, My eldest will celebrate his 16th and My Dad will be 70 so not a typical year.

Over the last two years I have tried to think of ways to make doing this type of scrapbooking simple and rewarding and each year I have bumbled through just doing what I fancied each week.

So I guess I will follow the same format – which is none.

How about you guys, please share your plans and look out for some printables for your 2014 albums ( just stuff I design to use myself but love to share with anyone who wants to use them)



One thought on “Over for another year

  1. Your plan for NYE sounds almost exactly like ours – except we don’t do champagne 🙂 my plan for next year – taking a photo a day, continuing with adding three photos to each week’s Project Life gratitudes and scrapping at least a couple of pages a month…

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