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Week Number Cards

I have designed some “week 01” “week 02” etc . . . cards for PL 2014, they are 3×4 in size and very simple – I created them to use myself but am happy to share, the first page contains weeks 1-4 and I will add the next 4 weeks, every 4 weeks and put them up on my blog or you can contact me direct if you want the 13 page PDF with weeks 1-52 on it.

all new printables for PL this year can be found here

week number cards

15 thoughts on “Week Number Cards

  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful freebie, very kind of you 🙂 I have started following you on Pinterest.

  2. Love the clean design! Could I get the pdf with 1-52 on it? Am thinking if I could preplan a little it might make it a little easier to keep up. Thank you!

  3. I love these!! Could I also get the 52 week PDF? I am trying to figure out how to print these 3×4 individually. THANKS SO MUCH!

  4. I love it !!!
    I live in France and I begin for the first time a PL.
    And I would really appreciate the 52 week PDF…can you send it to my email? And thank you again

  5. Hi, I’m starting to do my first PL and would like to acquired another 52 weeks, my attempt to produce itself has failed. I send a big thank you from the Czech Republic.

  6. Its very Nice !! I love it
    Im frencprojectlifeaddict and i wish and i would really appreciate the 52 weeks in pdf . Thanks you so much in advance

  7. Hi….Love the week cards….Would also like to get my hands on the all 52..Are you able to email them to me…thanks

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