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pinch punch, first of the month, do you pinch and punch harder as its first of the year too ?

Hope you all had memorable NYE’s no matter how you spent it.

Today I am hoping to get (read manipulate, bribe and sulk) my family together to take my front page photo for my 2014 album.

I was interested in reading that a lot of PL-ers out there are searching for “title cards” for this years first page (apparently the new kits don’t come with any)

Not something that affects me as a) I don’t buy the kits and b) I usually make my own

So I decided that I would share the ones I made for this year. I probably won’t use them all and will likely have some patterned paper cards added for both colour and co-ordination too, along with the infamous photo !

If you like them feel free to use them, share them etc Please leave feedback and if you want them on a 6×4 format instead of 3×4 let me know.
Obviously they are this format and colour as I designed them for my personal usage.

You can download them HERE

title page cards

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