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Time is a big issue for me, as it is for the majority of people. My specific issue is I don’t plan it well and consequently I end up wasting rather a lot of it.

I was pondering this issue at the weekend and decided to design a couple of PL style cards for those of us that might want to illustrate our uses of time bad or good . . .

I hope that these are of use to you all, please feel free to comment.

Download them from the usual place


5 thoughts on “Time

  1. They are great. I’m Always struggling for time. I’m preparing to do this years PL but my stumbling block is photos. Do you print at home or purchase from a store/online ?

  2. These are great! You’re not alone in this struggle for time, but this year I’m trying to find a new system that will work for me so that I don’t get so far behind. There have been some great posts about PL processes that have had some good tips. Wishing you luck in 2014!

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