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Hmmm undecided . . .

. . . I need feedback

I designed these cards for my PL style album, but I am not sure I like them, they appear a little “too scrolly” to me

What do you all think.


7 thoughts on “Hmmm undecided . . .

  1. I like the smaller ones! For some reason the ‘awesome’ in the larger one seems harder to read. Maybe because it’s larger and seems more “scrolly”.

  2. I like the phrases. I think it’s the word awesome which is hard to read. The capital M is too big. Try the word with all the same size font. Hope this helps x

  3. I agree with Joanne up there. Reading the word ‘awesome’ took me a moment or two. I do like the font though, it’s just a little hard to read.

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