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anybody there ?

The gaps between post on this blog are getting ridiculous I think I need to do some scheduling !

So how are you all ?

I am feeling a lot more relaxed, my “breakneck busy” period of work has finally slowed down and several stressful events have passed off without too much fuss which all make for a calmer demeanour.

Luckily today is day one of a two week break from one of my jobs and I am relishing the break in routine. I am sat here in the peace and quiet of a house where my Husband has already gone to work and my boys are still in the land of nod, even the dog is asleep.

Just a reminder that the wonderful JOT magazine issue 5 was published a few days ago, if you haven’t been to look yet, can I recommend you do, as always it is filled with beautiful designs and inspiration.


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