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Monday comes around . . .

. . . way too fast, even when you are on holiday, luckily I am on easter holidays from one job and my WFH Job is a Tues-THurs gig, so I kinda like Mondays.

How was your weekend ?

Ours was busy-ish, it was an extended weekend as the hub-ster had Friday off so we all went out for breakfast to celebrate my birthday. The day proceeded in a low key fashion, as it does at my age. Hubby and the boys bought me a Pandora silver charm necklace that I have had my eye on for a few years now, I got the obligatory smellies as well as some stamping up goodies and a new travel mug and a magazine subscription too.

SO that’s it now, the fat lady has sung, I am now on the official slippery slope to another milestone birthday and the one I am least looking forward to.

This is my birthday selfie taken in a rain marked mirror one of my neighbours left out for the bin men.


Saturday was spent doing my second session of archery in order to complete the beginners course, less than enthusiastic about it, it is after all sport and exercise and I don’t do either.

I took part to help promote sport for women in Essex (active Essex, she has energy ) I still have one more session to do but contrary to my own expectations, I am enjoying it, although I am very self conscious about it.

I am however pleased that it will enable me to take part in an activity that the rest of my family enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Monday comes around . . .

  1. Happy birthday. We sound a similar age….my birthday was at the weekend too and I got a pandora charm I’ve had my eye on a while lol! I’d love to see your PL birthday page when it’s done

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