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Bright and Shiny

Well Hello Monday, the last week of school this week, I will be binning the boys shirts everyday instead of putting them in the wash WOO HOO.

SEVEN WHOLE WEEKS without having to was or iron another school shirt or PE kit !

As a mini celebration of that fact and because the boys and I have been talking about how we want to spend our summer holidays this year. We aren’t having a specific length of time away in another location so it will be a case of doing stuff that isn’t the norm or going on days out and possibly weekends away.

I have designed a little “Summer Manifesto” if you will, its just a to do list really, we probably won’t get all of it done but we are going to give it our all.

This version is my list, I designed it to be printed out on a 12×6 piece of card/paper as an insert for my “documenting Life” album.

hello summer

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