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My Selfie Scrapbook

Ok, I am not done with project life, it is still happening but it has become a little bit mundane, not for me but as far as sharing is concerned.

So to change things up a little I am doing a selfie challenge and I am going to add to the mix that I will be doing this for 365 days. YUP I started it yesterday and in the interests of a full disclosure I turned FIFTY yesterday. I am taking a selfie photo a day for the whole of my fiftieth year.

I am using one of those adorable WRMK 4×4 albums, I bought a sliver one a while ago but until now I wasn’t sure what to use it for. Inside it is a mixture of 2×2 pocket pages and 4×4 pocket pages.


For inspiration I am following along with the the myselfiescrapbook instagram hashtag and the six gals who are the main inspiration for this project on their blogs.


Take a look, join in and share

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