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Shhhh . . . . .

. . . . .  its before dawn on a Monday morning.

I was working on my Christmas cards over the weekend, every year I try and create a design that is simple and prints well, this year its a tree made from small stars. voila !


Im also using this design and that lovely brush scrip as a basis for some Christmas Pocket Page cards, these will be really useful for anyone who is documenting their december this year. So please check back on Friday for a brand new series of Friday Freebies.

In other news – I have started my gift shopping, both in my head and in reality, you know how that battle goes, right. Make the decisions first then write that list then do the first round with the retailers, come home ever so slightly deflated, not in stock, not as it appeared online (yes I still like to shop in the shops, in person) not in the right size or colour, etc etc.

However the Husband and I did make main gift decisions for the boys so that I can now order and purchase those – technology rules in this house and gift suggestions were emailed to G.mar and so those have been actioned too.

Personally  I’m now on to list two with back up ideas and a future shopping date or two already penciled into my diary, I will be done before the beginning of December – most definitely

Hope all your holiday plans are coming together x

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