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February . . .

How the HECK did that happen ? Seriously I’m only just coming round from Christmas, My December Daily is still on my dining room table !

Its half term here in the UK and I have woken up early this morning and written my to do list. I know that I won’t get anywhere near getting it all done but its good to get it written down and have something to aim for.

Talking of writing lists I have recently been observing this whole planner bandwagon take shape. I have viewed it from a distance watching with interest wondering what all the fuss was about, without really knowing all this time I have had a planner !

its called a FILOFAX

Yup thats what we called a planner in the eighties, all this time I have been ahead of the trend and didn’t know it, I have always made my own pages and inserts from my scrap stash and used stickers and clips and pretty dividers – WHO KNEW !


So here I am at silly o’clock writing my list on pretty coloured post its and sticking them in my planner

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