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Jot Mood Board

Im not a fan of challenges, sketches, suggested colour combos etc. I always skip over things like this on blogs and in publications, no particular reason they just aren’t something I’ve ever really embraced. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve set a few challenges in my time and designed a few sketches too but I have never really used them myself.

Ive been having  issues with my creative mojo recently, its been in extended hibernation, my energies have been invested elsewhere in my mundane existence.

Getting to the point – you all know how much I adore the jot team and their publication, well I was cruising through the recent issue via their blog at the weekend and I happened to notice the mood board post. I love looking at mood boards usually thats as far as it goes.

But I felt that I should challenge myself and give this a go hoping to ignite the latent creativity.

You can find the April mood board HERE


I don’t usually use pastel colours, this being a male dominated household, so I went with the pale base colours of white pink and blue, threw in some muted yellow and a helping of gold sparkle for good measure too. I used the gallery wall as the inspiration for the foundation of my layout and hey presto, I started and finished it all in the same day too, almost unheard of for me.



Every year I do a page about my age, usually just after my birthday, so this is this years. the photo was an accidental selfie I took in the car, my husband really likes this snap of me as he says its the epitome of naturalness for me ! ( I was listening to something funny on the  car radio, whilst waiting to pick up one of my offspring )




9 thoughts on “Jot Mood Board

  1. It’s a great selfie and I would never have picked you as being in your fifties!!!
    Well done on playing with a challenge, hope you’re inspired to continue, there are some fabulous options available.
    I love the little pops of gold in this layout and the memory keeping aspect is fabulous.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Louise xo

  2. We LOVED your page Louise.. thank you for being part of our challenge annnnnd I’m excited to let you know.. you are our April Mood Board winner.

    1. WOO HOO – I am beyond thrilled, glad I made myself do this, it was lovely seeing all the other interpretations of the mood board too, very inspiring, keep up the good work JOT Magazine and your wonderful team x

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