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Summer Time

Well Hello Summer 2016, how the devil are you ?


The first week of our school summer break is almost over only 4 weeks and 3 days left, unfortunately I go back to work (in a school) on the 1st of September –  huge sigh

Got lots of at home stuff planned this holiday, we aren’t going away anywhere this summer  – sorry boys – already had a visit back to my hometown to spend time with my parents this past week.

Generally just enjoying being at home for the last couple of days, waking up without that rushed “got to get going” feeling. Leisurely mornings spent in PJ’s drinking tea in bed, list making and trying to plan stuff.

Missing scrapbooking and working on my photo pocket page album for this year, really haven’t had any creative get up and go this year.

Tomorrow is Day in the Life with Ali Edwards I don’t usually participate with these kind of projects apart from the December Daily (which is very hit and miss with me) However I am pushing myself to have a go tomorrow as a way to get back on the life documenting bandwagon

I don’t have the AE kit or anything Im just going to wing it and design my own time themed cards.  A photo an hour sounds like a bit much to me, so I’m just going to try and take a lot of photos throughout the day and cherry pick them afterwards.  I am, however, attempting to do the journalling as I go along, on the afore mentioned cards.

Off to search through my many and varied page protectors to see if I have the necessary configurations to make this possible.




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