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Documenting 2017

Ok so its official I have started

Here are a couple of photos of my “title page” and my “introduction page” I’m going for a totally simple approach this year to help me stay caught up.

( apologies for the glare, insert embarrassed lazy face emoji )

The “around the sun” quote I lifted from Ali Edwards the rest is simple and self explanatory  I think, any questions feel free to ask in the comments

I am staying old school, sticking to 12 x 12 pages and a weekly Monday to Sunday format. I decided to have a Week Number card on each page that has a summary of the weeks happenings. So much in our weekly lives are routine and theres only so many times I want to write “went food shopping, went to drum practice, took dogs out, blah blah blah” Im sure in ten years time my kids aren’t going to want to see that either.

If there is a particular story to tell or a funny incident etc then I plan on highlighting that with a card of its own. The photos are mainly square as I’m lazy and use my phone, like all the time ! Most of the time Im putting them in on 3 x 4 white card with a caption, portrait orientation as Im using that style of pocket pages.

Stay tuned for more rambling and sharing of the first three weeks of 2017.

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