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January is done

OKAY so I managed to keep up with the weekly documenting, sticking with the plan.

Just in case anyone is curious I am using a couple of fonts religiously, Magnolia Sky for the art brush words and AlexandriaFLF for the body text/journaling again all in the interests of keeping it simple for me.

I am somewhat light on photos for the last two weeks but I’m not letting that stop me from completing the week – hello patterned paper and project life cards.

Im sure that this album will get “less white” as I go along and get into my groove with this. but I like that it is giving me a foundation for all my pages. Its also helping me to stop over thinking all the design decisions.

My intention is to start using lots of inserts of differing sizes and maybe the odd 12×12 layout when I complete them too.

Im not going to keep boring you all with constant photos of all my pages but if you are interested I am posting them on an instagram account craftrebel65 

Thanks again for checking in here.

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