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Jot Magazine Issue 18 is HERE !

LOVE this publication as you all know.

Its beautifully designed and has a varied mix of projects and designers.

I am lucky enough to have a couple of layouts featured in this issue.

Issue 18 is full to the brim of inspiration please go take a look.

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Layout Love

i thought I would pop this on here today, it’s not my usual clean simple, graphic style but I really like it.

this was a challeng over on the GoGo Facebook page back in February, set by the lovely Sarah Packer.


A five elements challenge, I used Patterned paper background, two or more photos, luggage tag, twine and Washi tape.


Thanks for checking in.

just a heads up that next month I am lucky enough to have two layouts featured in the readers galleries in JOT Magazine. Obviously I will share here once issue 18 has been published. Vey excited !


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Jot Magazine April Mood Board

no excuses for blog posts being so few and far between.

Inspired this month by the april mood board over at Jot Magazine


I used the bottom left room photo as my initial inspiration, the border of the beautiful patterned rug gave me the idea for the patterned borders using a couple of mustard coloured patterned papers and a navy  dot pattern. The float frames contain nearly all of the colour swatches for this month and reflect the floral theme of a couple of the mode boards photos. finally I added one of the quotes and the metallic alphas.


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published !

Well its been a while and I had forgotten how much of a thrill it is to have your creative work selected and published in a magazine that promotes your hobby.

JOT magazine issue 17 is out today

As always its chock full of inspiration and beautiful designs, my small contribution is in the hearts gallery

Here is a close up, a list of products used is after the images.



American Crafts smooth cardstock- white
(Heart stencil and luggage tag)
BH PL midnight collection – grey heart paper
Pink Paisley Paige Evans no: 10 – red heart paper
AC Dear Lizzy Luck Charm Dreamcatcher – mason jar
Simple Stories Say Cheese  – You and me card
AC thickers Dream – small gold hearts
 AC Story – Glitter word and large heart
Freckled Fawn wood chips number circles


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Jot February Mood Board

Absolutely loved having a go at this challenge again.

You’ve still got a few days left to get your entries in HERE


I managed to use most of the colours I think and the gingham, arrows (on my background paper) roses (cut file)  hearts, polka dots and even a nod to the tattoo using a tattoo style sunburst under my gingham heart.


Thanks for Looking


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January is done

OKAY so I managed to keep up with the weekly documenting, sticking with the plan.

Just in case anyone is curious I am using a couple of fonts religiously, Magnolia Sky for the art brush words and AlexandriaFLF for the body text/journaling again all in the interests of keeping it simple for me.

I am somewhat light on photos for the last two weeks but I’m not letting that stop me from completing the week – hello patterned paper and project life cards.

Im sure that this album will get “less white” as I go along and get into my groove with this. but I like that it is giving me a foundation for all my pages. Its also helping me to stop over thinking all the design decisions.

My intention is to start using lots of inserts of differing sizes and maybe the odd 12×12 layout when I complete them too.

Im not going to keep boring you all with constant photos of all my pages but if you are interested I am posting them on an instagram account craftrebel65 

Thanks again for checking in here.

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Documenting 2017

Ok so its official I have started

Here are a couple of photos of my “title page” and my “introduction page” I’m going for a totally simple approach this year to help me stay caught up.

( apologies for the glare, insert embarrassed lazy face emoji )

The “around the sun” quote I lifted from Ali Edwards the rest is simple and self explanatory  I think, any questions feel free to ask in the comments

I am staying old school, sticking to 12 x 12 pages and a weekly Monday to Sunday format. I decided to have a Week Number card on each page that has a summary of the weeks happenings. So much in our weekly lives are routine and theres only so many times I want to write “went food shopping, went to drum practice, took dogs out, blah blah blah” Im sure in ten years time my kids aren’t going to want to see that either.

If there is a particular story to tell or a funny incident etc then I plan on highlighting that with a card of its own. The photos are mainly square as I’m lazy and use my phone, like all the time ! Most of the time Im putting them in on 3 x 4 white card with a caption, portrait orientation as Im using that style of pocket pages.

Stay tuned for more rambling and sharing of the first three weeks of 2017.

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Im back, again . . .

seriously, I’m not sure that people even read blogs anymore, it seems to me that a lot of the creative peeps I follow are concentrating more on FB pages and IG to keep themselves visible.

So if you are still fighting your way through the cobwebs to see if I’ve resurfaced – Thank You.

Im not sure what manifestation this re appearance is going to take so I’m not going to make any promises just that Im hoping to make regular meaningful weekly posts here.

Creatively Ive just moved from my December Daily style album where I documented Christmas 2016 to my 12 x 12 format pocket page album where I am documenting my families weekly stories. I did toy with the idea of changing to the 12 x 9 format for this but they were so hard to source in the UK that I gave up. I can always drop different sized page protectors into my 12 x 12 anyway so thats what I’m doing.

What else . . . Im no longer a full time member of the GOGO design team, Im now what I believe they call in the intelligence community, a sleeper, I will only be activated when the need arises

I put out some feelers for design teams, just for the sheer hell of it, but it appears my style is not currently “on trend” so I guess its back to just amusing myself !

Anyhoo thats about it for now.

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Summer Time

Well Hello Summer 2016, how the devil are you ?


The first week of our school summer break is almost over only 4 weeks and 3 days left, unfortunately I go back to work (in a school) on the 1st of September –  huge sigh

Got lots of at home stuff planned this holiday, we aren’t going away anywhere this summer  – sorry boys – already had a visit back to my hometown to spend time with my parents this past week.

Generally just enjoying being at home for the last couple of days, waking up without that rushed “got to get going” feeling. Leisurely mornings spent in PJ’s drinking tea in bed, list making and trying to plan stuff.

Missing scrapbooking and working on my photo pocket page album for this year, really haven’t had any creative get up and go this year.

Tomorrow is Day in the Life with Ali Edwards I don’t usually participate with these kind of projects apart from the December Daily (which is very hit and miss with me) However I am pushing myself to have a go tomorrow as a way to get back on the life documenting bandwagon

I don’t have the AE kit or anything Im just going to wing it and design my own time themed cards.  A photo an hour sounds like a bit much to me, so I’m just going to try and take a lot of photos throughout the day and cherry pick them afterwards.  I am, however, attempting to do the journalling as I go along, on the afore mentioned cards.

Off to search through my many and varied page protectors to see if I have the necessary configurations to make this possible.




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Jot Mood Board

Im not a fan of challenges, sketches, suggested colour combos etc. I always skip over things like this on blogs and in publications, no particular reason they just aren’t something I’ve ever really embraced. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve set a few challenges in my time and designed a few sketches too but I have never really used them myself.

Ive been having  issues with my creative mojo recently, its been in extended hibernation, my energies have been invested elsewhere in my mundane existence.

Getting to the point – you all know how much I adore the jot team and their publication, well I was cruising through the recent issue via their blog at the weekend and I happened to notice the mood board post. I love looking at mood boards usually thats as far as it goes.

But I felt that I should challenge myself and give this a go hoping to ignite the latent creativity.

You can find the April mood board HERE


I don’t usually use pastel colours, this being a male dominated household, so I went with the pale base colours of white pink and blue, threw in some muted yellow and a helping of gold sparkle for good measure too. I used the gallery wall as the inspiration for the foundation of my layout and hey presto, I started and finished it all in the same day too, almost unheard of for me.



Every year I do a page about my age, usually just after my birthday, so this is this years. the photo was an accidental selfie I took in the car, my husband really likes this snap of me as he says its the epitome of naturalness for me ! ( I was listening to something funny on the  car radio, whilst waiting to pick up one of my offspring )