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font love

anyone who knows me is aware of my lettering love, its one of the reasons I bought a die cutting machine, so that i could cut out some of the great fonts I had on my computer.

I am always on the look out for fonts that I don’t have and i have an obvious bias, I really like tall (condensed) san serif fonts, BEBAS is my go to font. trouble is when you use the same font all the time, like anything, it gets a bit bleugh . . .

So I have been trailing some alternatives, especially some with upper and lowercase, BEBAS is an upper case font only.

at the moment I am liking this font FJALLA available from Font Squirrel and its a FREEBIE for personal use, which is even better, hope you enjoy this.


Free Christmas Fonts

Struggling with my December Daily, internet issues, then printer ink problems and now the printer doesn’t like my photo paper.
SO I am at least 11 days behind, I managed to do pages 1 and 4 before I was sabotaged.

I saw this post over on Design Editor and thought I would share, some of these fonts would be really useful in making cards (if you haven’t already) or tags, or to make design elements for your Christmas Journals.

You can find them all HERE

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Love me a FREE font

POST 240

Sneak Peeks start later today !!

I know I don’t need to wax lyrical here about my unadulterated love for fonts.

I just wanted to say a public THANK YOU to all those type designers who make their creations available for free.

Lobster by Pablo Impallari is one of my favourites and now he has designed a new one called Lobster II, its a friendly, retro script and you can get all four styles for free here.

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Type on Tuesday

Fonts are a very personal thing, whilst I chose them for a particular purpose, within that I still tend to gravitate towards the same fonts, so I always pick one of three san serif condensed fonts and I ALWAYS pick the same sans serif block font.

So why do I have a HUGE collection of different fonts ?

I suppose its a little like clothes we may have a wardrobe full of different outfits but we all tend to wear the same half dozen sets of clothes.

So here is my Font Wardrobe, the fonts are all freebies and most are available from Da Font

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Type on Tuesday

So its font freak day and I mean that it the nicest possible way !

First a lovely elegant light serif font available from The League of Moveable Type

I like to use scroll and cursive letters as accents to words especially when they are highly decorative.

I recently added this font to my arsenal specifically for the decorative caps. Ink in the Meat from Da Font

Here’s hoping for some typographical inspiration !

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Friday’s Freebie

OK, those of you that know me , know that I don’t DO digital scrapbooking.

However I do love to use the printable option especially with paper. One of my favourites is this site Shabby Princess

Some seriously lovely stuff there, liking the papers from this set at the moment.

I am also liking this font too which is available to download from Da Font bold but a little quirky

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OK who turned the lights out ?

Seriously, I know I don’t get up at stupid O’Clock every morning, but when did I miss the fact that sunrise isn’t until 07.40 today, I have actually been up since 5.30, but that’s another story, So I did expect to see the sunrise this morning but I didn’t expect it to be having a lazy morning !!

Have I got anything to share with you this morning, not much actually I have been working on a bunch of Christmas stuff, some for the December Daily project and some personal stuff I am hoping to get done as gifts for friends. I have also been working on some Christmas card designs, typographical ones, obviously.

I will start posting all my Christmas designs next week once Halloween is safely put to bed for another year !

So I will leave you with another Halloween font, DB Fright Night, although it isn’t free it is only $3 (about £1.90) this is from Lettering Delights, I like this as it isn’t a cute font but it doesn’t go along the grunge or horror route either, it is quite elegant and tasteful and with all the flourishes and swirls I think it will really appeal to scrapbookers and card makers.

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Theme of the month

Well it has to be done really . . .

I know we don’t “Do” Halloween and it is very “American” to decorate and celebrate this event, before I get any nasty comments that isn’t a slur on anyone who does celebrate or who happens to be from across the pond.

I am lucky that my kids are still into getting dressed up and knocking on the neighbours doors for hand outs of sweets and chocolate. We live in a fairly enclosed housing development so doing the whole trick or treating thing is relatively simple. The kids do however follow a couple of simple rules, above all absolutely no “tricking” we avoid this part of the ritual by only approaching houses of people we know or houses that are displaying obvious signs of welcome for the trick or treat brigade.
finally manners, no jostling, no snatching and always say please and thank you.

Anyway I figured I would link you up to Lettering Delights who have some fab offers on at the moment $1 on alphabets, fonts, graphic sets, clip art and paper packs.

I particularly liked their DB Jack-o-patterns 2

They also have some really great ideas on how to use the fonts and dingbats.