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Im back, again . . .

seriously, I’m not sure that people even read blogs anymore, it seems to me that a lot of the creative peeps I follow are concentrating more on FB pages and IG to keep themselves visible.

So if you are still fighting your way through the cobwebs to see if I’ve resurfaced – Thank You.

Im not sure what manifestation this re appearance is going to take so I’m not going to make any promises just that Im hoping to make regular meaningful weekly posts here.

Creatively Ive just moved from my December Daily style album where I documented Christmas 2016 to my 12 x 12 format pocket page album where I am documenting my families weekly stories. I did toy with the idea of changing to the 12 x 9 format for this but they were so hard to source in the UK that I gave up. I can always drop different sized page protectors into my 12 x 12 anyway so thats what I’m doing.

What else . . . Im no longer a full time member of the GOGO design team, Im now what I believe they call in the intelligence community, a sleeper, I will only be activated when the need arises

I put out some feelers for design teams, just for the sheer hell of it, but it appears my style is not currently “on trend” so I guess its back to just amusing myself !

Anyhoo thats about it for now.

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Monday comes around . . .

. . . way too fast, even when you are on holiday, luckily I am on easter holidays from one job and my WFH Job is a Tues-THurs gig, so I kinda like Mondays.

How was your weekend ?

Ours was busy-ish, it was an extended weekend as the hub-ster had Friday off so we all went out for breakfast to celebrate my birthday. The day proceeded in a low key fashion, as it does at my age. Hubby and the boys bought me a Pandora silver charm necklace that I have had my eye on for a few years now, I got the obligatory smellies as well as some stamping up goodies and a new travel mug and a magazine subscription too.

SO that’s it now, the fat lady has sung, I am now on the official slippery slope to another milestone birthday and the one I am least looking forward to.

This is my birthday selfie taken in a rain marked mirror one of my neighbours left out for the bin men.


Saturday was spent doing my second session of archery in order to complete the beginners course, less than enthusiastic about it, it is after all sport and exercise and I don’t do either.

I took part to help promote sport for women in Essex (active Essex, she has energy ) I still have one more session to do but contrary to my own expectations, I am enjoying it, although I am very self conscious about it.

I am however pleased that it will enable me to take part in an activity that the rest of my family enjoy.

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Christmas Ornaments

I have more than your average person, I think, some are old some new, some are bought by me some were gifts, I love all of them.

I also have a tradition of buying my sons a new decoration for the tree each year, that way when get homes and hopefully trees of their own they will have a ready made collection.

At that point my tree will be bare !

So my tree looks very eclectic, no colour themed baubles for me and for once this year when my youngest son and I had finished putting all the decs on the tree, I didn’t move a single one !

That’s quite an achievement for me, yes I am THAT Mom, the one who waits til the kids have gone to bed, then I rearrange the tree decs.


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Christmas Spirit . . .

Not feeling much of that at the moment

In a house full of the male species I know I am the only one who cares about Christmas decorations and this year it is feeling like an uphill struggle, but I managed to retrieve our tree from the loft, we decided that this year we were going to put up the big tree in the garden room, rather than trying to fit the slim tree into the living room again this year !

So this is it assembled and with the lights on – that’s as far as I managed


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what a difference . .

. . . a few hours of sunshine can make !

most chores are so much easier (except cooking and ironing) when the sun is out, I feel so much more inclined to get on with things, must be all that extra vitamin D.

I just rearranged my living room furniture, trying to make the best of a long thin room with a door in the middle, the dilemma now is to buy new furniture or get the existing stuff recovered, i am off the “if its not broken . . .” school of thought so I am for recovering, even if it isn’t a cheaper option ! Obviously the allure of new furniture is very appealing it seems frivolous to get rid of well made, sound structured, comfy seating because its “tatty” and recovering means we can have it in a colour way of our choosing, not being dictated by “oh this one only comes in these three colours”

This is the current set up, we were originally only using the sofa and one chair, (the sofa was flat against the window with one chair where the sofa is now) the other chair was in the far corner behind where I took the photo from. As we are leaning towards the recovering option I decided that all pieces need to be used so this is my solution.


This is the colour we are going to go for when we recover – LUSH


OK enough home dec talk – these two photos are just to prove to you that I am still doing PL, I picked these pages at random so they are a few weeks ago, week twenty one, end of may to be precise. I used a design G and a design A protector for that week.



OK so that’s if for today see you in a couple of days.

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well Hello again . . .

just popping in to say hello, just finished half term with the boys, a whole week off school. Unfortunately that means another seven weeks straight until the summer hols.

So how is everything with you guys ?

My creativity is a little lacking of late, since the demise of the ScrapaGoGo Design Team I haven’t been challenged to produce anything at all, I was designing the hybrids and the stamps for ScrapaGoGo plus putting together two layouts a month as part of the design team, now I’m not doing much at all.

My Project Life album is still ticking along and I am still loving the concept even though I was late to the party, originally I just didn’t “get it” now I do I don’t think I will document our lives in any other way.

I am doing little bits of designing here and there on my PL2014 stuff, its all a little disjointed at the moment, I have got lots of ideas and I have settled on a colour scheme, but it doesn’t look very cohesive at the moment.

I am essentially creating myself a core kit to work with next year, if I am successful then I fully intend to share it with everyone. Obviously as I am doing this for me and my personal tastes it won’t appeal to everyone but as it will be in a downloadable PDF for fat, just like my other freebie designs, then you can pick and choose which aspects you print off.

The theory is that I will do a set of two 6×4 cards, one title one filler; a set of four 3×4 fillers and a set of journalling cards one 6×4 two 3×4. if you do the standard PL pages (four 4×6 and four 4×3) this leaves you with five 4×6 slots for photos and two 4×3 slots for anything else, memorabilia, patterned paper etc.)

Along the way I may do bonus stuff just for the sheer hell of it – watch this space – sneak peek below

Any feedback appreciated xx


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New hair cut

It was that time again, that’s the only issue with short hair it needs to be cut with increased regularity. My “do” did well this time, I last had it cut on the 24th of January, that’s TEN whole weeks, but that is because I let my hair dresser cut it so short.

I have gone even shorter still this time and I am going to have to get to work with the styling wax as without it I look like Dick Emery’s “Bovver Boy” Character !!

Apologies – you need to be of a certain age to remember this comedian !


Ah well its only hair – it will grow soon enough.

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Tuesday . . .

Sat here enjoying that portion of the day where I am the only one up and about, the sun is out (shocker !) even though it is freezing and I am savouring my first cup of tea whilst writing out my must do list for today.

. . . and that’s all she wrote

Daffodils and a misty sunrise on 22 March at Salhouse in Norfolk Credit: John Kerrison


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Well Hello 2013

I don’t know about you guys but 2012 crept out and 2013 snuck in just as quietly around here. Don’t get me wrong we celebrated, but it was low key.

As a family we have spent the entire holidays germ ridden, ill or trying to get better, we haven’t really been anywhere or done anything the whole holiday (not counting the whistle stop trip to Mom and Dads)

Some would say that we had a quiet relaxing break, I feel that it was a tad lethargic and feel slightly disappointed by our lack of activity. No one really missed out on anything, we had lovely food and thoughtful gifts, the house was decorated and we spent time with family and friends, but i am left with a feeling of needing a”do over” I know that sounds selfish but I have this feeling that the time off was somehow wasted.

This is the last day of our Christmas break, after the weekend school is back on, routine kicks in, the day to day starts again, normally I am ready for the return to routine but I find myself digging my heels in and wishing for a few more days off.

I have decided to do Project Life again this year and I am looking forward to starting this again. My albums are still on order from the U.S but I am not going to let that stop me getting on with the project.

I am planning on sharing my pages on here hopefully once a week and if I get around to designing any cards/elements for the album I will share them too.

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Well Hello . . .

OK – still here, still functioning – Just about anyway.

So deadlines met, work finished, school’s out, cards designed, printed and posted, presents bought but not wrapped, food shopping done – finally.

However we have had the week from hell with germs and sickness in our house and it has completely thrown the schedule into turmoil.

I am doing my Christmas Journal, but it has been gathering dust this week, hoping to get it photographed and will share on here soon.

Project Life is getting done too but apart from photos and minimal documentation it isn’t getting any other attention which I am a little sad about but needs must, Y-A-W-N so I won’t be sharing that on here.

Looking forward to starting PL 2013 even though I am waiting for my new WRMK albums to turn up, I won’t be letting that stop me.

on a light hearted note here is an alternate 12 days of Christmas.