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Sleepy Sunday

The weather is pants, its early and everyone else in my house is asleep.

So here I am back on the blog, I have no idea if anyone even reads these things anymore.

I’m going to revive it for a while and see what the interest is, I love instagram but its not ideal if I want to share something downloadable or printable.

Lets talk “documenting your stories” do you still do this on a regular basis and in what format ?

I will admit that my scrap booking has tailed right off, the most I have been doing over the last eighteen months is for design team commitments, classes and my Christmas album ( I even managed to complete 2017’s one, 2018’s still needs finishing)

For no apparent reason I don’t seem to be scrap booking because I want to, for the joy of it, as a creative outlet, if I’m honest its become a chore (Shocked Face !) This year I have reduced my design team commitments and I’m all about trying to get back to the point where what I produced gave me joy.

I know its February already but I have decided to start a photo pocket album to document my families stories this year. I do this every year and unfortunately most years I never finish, I lose momentum and again it becomes a chore.

This year I’m going with a different physical format 9×12, I still take take lots of photos as does my husband but I’m not just going to document all the daily repetitive minutiae just because it happened, that’s too much like a diary for me.

Whilst I’ve been pondering my story telling format and wasting time on instagram and pinterest looking at how everyone else is tackling their documenting methods, I designed some 3×4 cards and one 6×4 to use in my albums.

If you think that they might be useful for you please feel free to download them, please be kind and credit me as the designer if you do use them – thanks


To Download pick them up here


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Helloooooooo !

Well what can I say . . . Its been a looooong time since I posted here, over eighteen months !

So whats my excuse ? Actually i don’t have one, sorry.

All I can say is that one of my goals for 2019 is to “stay in touch” on every level, so I figured I’d post something on here this morning and see if anyone is still here, checking in.

I’m going to share a layout of mine that is over on the GoGogetaway Blog today. I used Jo Boland’s Peep Hole Mini Book class taught at the October GoGO Getaway retreat as inspiration.

Sunny Day Louise Fortune GoGo Getaway.jpg

I really enjoyed making his layout, revisiting the memories of last years summer holiday and challenging myself to be inventive with this technique.

Thanks for checking in, stay tuned, I’m going to be sharing my 2019 pocket page album progress and how I got on with my documenting Christmas album.

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Jot February Mood Board

Absolutely loved having a go at this challenge again.

You’ve still got a few days left to get your entries in HERE


I managed to use most of the colours I think and the gingham, arrows (on my background paper) roses (cut file)  hearts, polka dots and even a nod to the tattoo using a tattoo style sunburst under my gingham heart.


Thanks for Looking


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Summer Time

Well Hello Summer 2016, how the devil are you ?


The first week of our school summer break is almost over only 4 weeks and 3 days left, unfortunately I go back to work (in a school) on the 1st of September –  huge sigh

Got lots of at home stuff planned this holiday, we aren’t going away anywhere this summer  – sorry boys – already had a visit back to my hometown to spend time with my parents this past week.

Generally just enjoying being at home for the last couple of days, waking up without that rushed “got to get going” feeling. Leisurely mornings spent in PJ’s drinking tea in bed, list making and trying to plan stuff.

Missing scrapbooking and working on my photo pocket page album for this year, really haven’t had any creative get up and go this year.

Tomorrow is Day in the Life with Ali Edwards I don’t usually participate with these kind of projects apart from the December Daily (which is very hit and miss with me) However I am pushing myself to have a go tomorrow as a way to get back on the life documenting bandwagon

I don’t have the AE kit or anything Im just going to wing it and design my own time themed cards.  A photo an hour sounds like a bit much to me, so I’m just going to try and take a lot of photos throughout the day and cherry pick them afterwards.  I am, however, attempting to do the journalling as I go along, on the afore mentioned cards.

Off to search through my many and varied page protectors to see if I have the necessary configurations to make this possible.




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Jot Mood Board

Im not a fan of challenges, sketches, suggested colour combos etc. I always skip over things like this on blogs and in publications, no particular reason they just aren’t something I’ve ever really embraced. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve set a few challenges in my time and designed a few sketches too but I have never really used them myself.

Ive been having  issues with my creative mojo recently, its been in extended hibernation, my energies have been invested elsewhere in my mundane existence.

Getting to the point – you all know how much I adore the jot team and their publication, well I was cruising through the recent issue via their blog at the weekend and I happened to notice the mood board post. I love looking at mood boards usually thats as far as it goes.

But I felt that I should challenge myself and give this a go hoping to ignite the latent creativity.

You can find the April mood board HERE


I don’t usually use pastel colours, this being a male dominated household, so I went with the pale base colours of white pink and blue, threw in some muted yellow and a helping of gold sparkle for good measure too. I used the gallery wall as the inspiration for the foundation of my layout and hey presto, I started and finished it all in the same day too, almost unheard of for me.



Every year I do a page about my age, usually just after my birthday, so this is this years. the photo was an accidental selfie I took in the car, my husband really likes this snap of me as he says its the epitome of naturalness for me ! ( I was listening to something funny on the  car radio, whilst waiting to pick up one of my offspring )




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Almost April

So here we are again, epic blog posting for me – once every school holiday !

just thought id drop in to say i was looking for some font inspiration and I happened upon a site with some great downloads.

Its called BeFonts and all of the fonts are free downloads for personal use.

seriously i have just downloaded some great brush script fonts to use on my project life pages – yes I am still persevering with this, although i have to say Im taking anywhere near the amount of photos I used to.

Im also in the process of planning out my classes for the next GOGO GETAWAY  in October. Enjoying a bit of peace and quiet here at home whilst the teenagers are still in the land of nod – thank goodness for small mercies


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February . . .

How the HECK did that happen ? Seriously I’m only just coming round from Christmas, My December Daily is still on my dining room table !

Its half term here in the UK and I have woken up early this morning and written my to do list. I know that I won’t get anywhere near getting it all done but its good to get it written down and have something to aim for.

Talking of writing lists I have recently been observing this whole planner bandwagon take shape. I have viewed it from a distance watching with interest wondering what all the fuss was about, without really knowing all this time I have had a planner !

its called a FILOFAX

Yup thats what we called a planner in the eighties, all this time I have been ahead of the trend and didn’t know it, I have always made my own pages and inserts from my scrap stash and used stickers and clips and pretty dividers – WHO KNEW !


So here I am at silly o’clock writing my list on pretty coloured post its and sticking them in my planner

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Jot Magazine Christmas Issue

As always a wonderfully designed and beautifully inspirational magazine.

read it HERE 



Don’t forget to check out their new e-book too it contains 36 awesome projects by Kim Archer and the Jot Girls find it HERE


Inside you will find, 36 gorgeous projects beautifully styled and photographed, a lot of the projects have step by steps too and all are designed to be made using stuff from your stash.

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Autumn Free Printables

OKAY as promised just a small offering

I designed some 4×3 printable cards primarily for photo pocket scrapping but they are as usual very versatile and could be used on scrapbook layouts too.

please enjoy and credit me where appropriate.

download them in the usual place HERE